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A model for change

Here East was designed from the outset to operate as a catalyst for change and a pillar of the post-Olympic East London community.

A dedicated campus, for innovators, disruptors, visionaries and locals to push their professional and personal boundaries; to surround themselves with some of the world’s most inspiring artists and performers; to build on the Olympics’ architectural and cultural legacy.

Already, 6,500-plus people call Here East home, and many more will follow...

  • 6,500

    people working and studying onsite
  • 30,000

    visitors to the campus last year

Then and now

During the London 2012 Olympics, the Broadcast and Press Centres were a 24-hour media hub for an estimated four billion people, providing studio space for many nationalities and some 30,000 journalists. These buildings boasted unprecedented space, connectivity and power – features Here East was keen to exploit in the design of a new campus, enhanced further still by East London’s unique heritage and innovative tradition. Here, people, culture and ideas collide; creating a breeding ground for ground-breaking ideas and a catalyst for long-term economic growth in the area.

Olympic Ceremony

Wayne McGregor, Founder, Studio Wayne McGregor

Tenant Spotlight: Studio Wayne McGregor

The inside scoop

“Art forms [will] cross paths with technological innovation, experience with enthusiasm, doers with thinkers.”

More about Studio Wayne McGregor at Here East

What makes Here East unique

  1. event-hosting-plexal-park-3-1-CHECK-WITH-PLEXAL.jpg


    We believe innovation starts with education and results in meaningful change. So the spaces we’ve designed are made to nurture culture, entrepreneurship and enterprise at every turn. Plexal, our innovation centre, is perhaps the best example of this.

  2. Education


    Education breeds innovation. Without it, we inhibit fresh perspectives and unique talent. Our universities and academic partners Loughborough University London, UCL, Staffordshire Digital Institute London, LMA and Teesside University London are proof of the fact.

  3. BT-Sport_About-Us


    At Here East, global businesses and scaling companies work side by side, feeding off and fueling one another in their day-to-day. We are the UK’s largest incubator for start-ups, with the tools and resources to enable enterprises of all sizes to grow. Ask BT Sport or Hobs 3D.

  4. Studio-Wayne-McGregor_About-Us


    We’re surrounded with world-class cultural institutions, artists and retailers who imbue the campus environment with ambition and creativity. Take visionaries like Studio Wayne McGregor and the V&A’s collection and research centre as a testament to that.

Community impact: The East in Here East

We aim to bring long-term economic improvements to East London; to be a kind and progressive neighbour to this multilingual, multicultural, and multi-talented community.

Building a community

Community Impact

Join the community

We welcome new voices, new opinions and always value what others can bring to our community.

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Are you one of us?

It's not just about businesses being in the same place. It's what that connectivity enables. If you’re seeking an office, studio or retail space and feel you would benefit from being in a community of like-minded businesses, educators and entrepreneurs, join us.

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