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Our tenants

  1. Sports Interactive

    The world’s largest football database at Sports Interactive

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  2. Staffordshire University London

    Next generation education at Digital Institute London

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  3. Studio Wayne McGregor

    Dance and technology collide at Studio Wayne McGregor

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  4. UCL

    The very latest robotics at UCL

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  5. Fiit

    Bring the gym home with Fiit

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  6. MatchesFashion

    Carefully curated luxury brands at MatchesFashion

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  7. Loughborough University London

    Mixing youth and experience at Loughborough University London

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  8. Hobs 3D

    The UK’s first invisible 3D prints at Hobs 3D

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  9. Scope

    Changing attitudes towards disability at Scope

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  10. Ford Mobility

    Making the future of urban mobility at Ford

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  11. Barratt London

    The future of housebuilding at Barratt London

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  12. APL Logistics

    Innovative supply chain solutions at APL Logistics

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  13. Quadient

    Building connections between businesses at Quadient

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  14. LMA

    Love Media, Love Music, Love Arts, Love LMA

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  15. Esports Engine

    Bringing esports to life with Esports Engine

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  16. Teesside University London

    Animation, gaming, visual effects, business and computer science degrees in the creative …

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  17. V&A East

    Celebrating global creativity, building on 150-years of heritage in East London

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  18. Hawk London

    Hawk London are film industry innovators

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  19. Plykea

    Beautiful plywood doors and worktops for IKEA kitchens and wardrobes

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