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Esports Tracker

The Here East esports Investment Tracker is the first and most in-depth analysis of investment activity in the British esports startup landscape. Measuring the investment secured by fast-growth British esports businesses, it identifies those attracting the most impressive funding, and highlights the performance of those driving growth within the British industry.

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Funding Analysis

  1. £161 m

    British esports companies have raised £161m since 2011

  2. £156 m

    British esports startups have raised £156m since 2015

  3. £108 m

    British esports startups have raised £108m since 2019

  4. 36.1 m

    In 2021, British esports startups raised £36.1m

  5. 109 rounds

    Over the last ten years there have been 109 British esports funding rounds, 50% of which happened in the last two years

Top five esports startups by funding raised

  1. 51 m


  2. 22 m


  3. 20 m

    Guild eSports

  4. 11 m


  5. 9 m

    Ginx TV

Turbo-charging the future of UK esports

The UK has a globally significant esports sector and is home to a plethora of companies with serious growth ambitions. The continued investment into esports in 2021 after a record 2020 highlights this. The level of investment we have seen will lead to continued job creation and opportunities across the UK, in particular London – Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East

During the global health pandemic, British esports startups attracted record levels of investment. Whilst funding rounds in 2021 didn’t quite match the levels of 2020, it was still the second highest year on record for esports investment in the UK.

With the likes of Fnatic and Guild Esports maintaining their positions as the most valuable British esports startups, we are seeing the continued growth of esports games developers, content production companies and professional teams across the country.

At Here East, we have been championing esports as a sector in which London and the UK can establish a real global competitive advantage.

Our campus has become one of the fastest growing esports clusters in the country, with major esports and gaming businesses sitting alongside academic institutions and world-class stadia.

We are delighted to see the continued success of British esports startups. The Here East esports Investment Tracker is a leading-edge tool designed to help all stakeholders in and followers of this dynamic sector track trends, funding and gain advanced market insights. We hope this will prove invaluable in boosting further investment.

Company Analysis

  • Fnatic is the most successful British esports, having raised £51m since it was founded
  • There are 47 fast growth esports businesses in the UK
  • 65% of these businesses are based in London
  • Camden has emerged as the UK’s leading esports hub with 8 fast growth esports businesses

Here East has committed to leading a major new initiative to accelerate the growth of an esports cluster on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. A new report published by Here East and Arena Consultancy, and supported by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has outlined a roadmap to create a world-class esports cluster that will drive job creation and bring an industry worth $180bn globally to east London.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to create world-class esports cluster

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